How Vyer can work for you

See how Vyer can help you benefit from structuring the data about your building

Find information fast

Easily find the right information fast by searching through the data about your building

Share with others

Let the right people receive the information when they need to anytime of the day.

Work as a team

Let people contribute with data about your building and ensure up to date information.

All information made available from a single source

Building informaiton is often spread among many sources and people making it inaccesible and hard to reach. Gather all your information in a single place to make it available and collaborative.

Understanding it all at once

A building has a lot of information that you need to compare and overview. By having a visual represenation of your building and the information it contain, you can stay up to date in real time.

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Access your information when you need it

A building is ever cvhanging and updateingk, we need to be able to update and access this informin quiclky and without restriction. Vyer is a mobile web application that enables you to access your informino when ever you need to