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When you have access to a digital copy of your building, naturally it should also be easy to access all your digital data related to that building.
The Vyer platform makes it easy to attach documents where they belong, connect real-time sensor data to rooms and equipment and add other sorts of data, so that you building becomes a fully digital connection hub


Having a fully connected building has many benefits, and to fully realize the potential of what a connected building can offer, understanding the data is essential.
The Vyer platform makes it easy to put data in a context where it is understandable and easily digestible. No matter if it is specific equipment data or more general building information.

Vyer hero


Having access to a digital version of you building can make a big difference in the productivity of facility maintainers, tenants and other people that are interacting with your building.
To make the impact of the digital building as big as possible it should also be available to as many people as possible, no matter if they sit at a desk or are working on their feet.
That is why the Vyer platform is built to be mobile and accessible on every device with access to a modern web browser, no need to install an app to get started, just click a link.


A building is complex and people interact with it in many different ways. These interactions often affect other people but it can be difficult to relate or inform them of what is going on.
The Vyer platform makes it easier to communicate and interact with relevant people by having one place, the digital building, where everyone can contribute and post updates. Since Vyer is web based, sharing places and information is never more than a link away.


The amount of information that a building contains is massive, and it is no surprise that organizing information is necessary. By making information digital and moving into a digital building, it allows for digital tools to help with organizing and finding the information.
The Vyer platform gives the user tools to find the information they need. Either by searching for them, filtering out relevant objects and information or simply selecting the place they are interested in.

“We needed best in building monitoring, and Vyer was a natural choice.”

Göran, Company AB